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TEMAT: Buy FFXIV Gil with the biggest discount at

Buy FFXIV Gil with the biggest discount at 3 miesiąc 4 dni temu #2110

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FFXIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida provided another update on the housing lottery restoration timeline. The new estimates suggest that maintenance and restoration of the process should take place by May 16, 2022. Until then, the FFXIV real estate market will be suspended.

This will give me a better gaming experience, and they can also prepare enough FFXIV Gil to decorate their houses. The latest FFXIV housing lottery update confirms that the fix is verified and works. The next step is to implement the correct lottery data.

So before that, I decided to buy some FFXIV Gil to get a better home. Since my FFXIV Gil was not enough for me, I chose IGGM. It's the best shop and I was able to get the cheapest price and fastest delivery on it. It's also very safe and great for gamers. Go!
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